‘Angel’ in our Hearts …

Angel has come a long way. Literally and figuratively.

This Dorval, Qc.  lady – born with the voice of a non-angel, has learned many things in her life. Finally – she gets it. The accolades do as well.

Female artist of the year in 2014 at The Maple Blues Awards may not be a Grammy yet for Angel; it may as well be. A Blues-bred upbringing was pushed to the side for too many years. In 2013 -14, the Blues resurfaced to give Angel success and peace.

A little ‘peace’ of her heart maybe …?


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John Beaudine – Livin’ the Blues and All That Jazz; Part Two

In part two of my interview with this tremendous Saxophone player – John explains his experiences and thoughts pertaining to a life-long journey through the world of music …

Sometimes – legends are not always in the public eye!



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John Beaudine – Livin’ the Blues and All That Jazz!

Imagine …

Being a huge Blues’ fan and obtaining an apprenticeship from some of the greats. Legends such as Junior Wells, Buddy Guy and James Cotton. They were the ones who taught Johnny Beaudine his craft and toughness to survive in the music business.

Please listen to Part One as Johnny explains his great career.

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Next Week on Rick Keene Music Scene

Looking for stuff to do ….?

Angel Forrest has a CD launch at Bistro a Jo Jo tonight. Monkey Junk are playing at L’Astral. John Beaudine is at The House of Jazz tomorrow night and Monday. Just a couple of things to hear in the next couple of days.

Please listen to a couple of tracks from some of these people as well as a few others I will be interviewing next week. Should be cool.

Thanks for stopping by …talk soon!

Photo Courtesy Richard Burnett

Photo Courtesy Richard Burnett


Kim Mitchell Coming in May to Montreal

Kim Mitchell

Friday, May 9th – 8 p.m.

at Club Soda



“Tonight was a night for intensity as the songs leapt out of their studio confines and found increased energy on stage, the place where Mitchell has always made his mark. His band was hot and precise. He was cool and focused. And by the end of the night, the class had heard their lessons, had their brains expanded, and quite possibly, their minds blown.”  MUSICEXPESSS.CA (April 2013)


“I’m just doing my Rock N Roll duty, creating a buzz, buzz, buzz, some say I’m in it for the money, but I’m in it for the love, love, love!” – KIM MITCHELL


Canadian rock icon Kim Mitchell sings those lines on his personal mission statement, “Rock N Roll Duty” and he’s still doing exactly that, energy and enthusiasm intact.

For Mitchell, that’s what it’s all about, not the money, the fame or the trophy case.  Singer-songwriter and guitarist, Kim Mitchell, has achieved gold and multiplatinum sales status over a long and storied career, starting early on as leader of the musically eclectic Max Webster, a band who in the late 70’s defined “alternative” and “independent” long before the words became clichés.

Mitchell has sold over 1.5 million recordings and toured regularly over a lengthy solo career that remains creatively vibrant to this day.  Of note, 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of “Akimbo Alogo” (Alert Records), Kim’s first full length solo recording post Max Webster, a record which introduced us to Kim’s big, bold and endemic guitar driven  sounds in songs like  “Go For Soda” and  the anthemic “All We Are”.


Along the way he won three Juno Awards for “Most Promising Male Vocalist of the Year”, “Album of the Year” and “Male Vocalist of the Year”. In the late 70′s and through all of the 80′s Kim toured the largest arenas in the country and today continues to perform nationally.  He is a gifted and peer-respected guitar player as well as an acclaimed songwriter, having penned (in partnership with Pye Dubois) and recorded other classic hits like “Rock N Roll Duty”, “Patio Lanterns”, “I am a Wild Party”, “Easy To Tame”, to name just a few – all songs that have become part of the Canadian musical landscape.

Add several new songs from his most recent solo recording “Ain’t Life Amazing” (including the national rock radio hit of the title track), and audiences are thrilled to find that participating in a Kim Mitchell concert is like being at the live recording of a greatest hits box set which includes his solo hits and often  Max Webster gems like “Diamonds Diamonds”, “Oh War”, and “Battlescar”, a hard rock anthem as poignant  today as it was three decades ago when it was recorded with his friends Alex, Geddy and Neil of RUSH.

A decade ago, while maintaining a busy touring schedule, Mitchell was invited to join the on-air staff at the station Q107 in Toronto, giving Kim his first ever day-job and one that he has excelled at. During his tenure as host of their afternoon drive show, he has become one of the most popular DJs in Toronto, and the country. Mitchell has the respect of peers, fans, and industry types alike. Just what does he consider his greatest achievement? “Shoot, that’s easy,” says Kim, “it’s in the couple of hours the band is onstage, being able to take people to a special place through our performance and music. When that happens, I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.” Legions of Canadian fans agree!






Tickets: $29.50 (taxes included / service charge extra) at Club Soda (1225 boul. St-Laurent), at (514) 286-1010 and at clubsoda.ca




Top Ten Things Overheard at The Black Sabbath Press Conference in Montreal

So ….

Sabbath came and went.

Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler held court on Monday au Centre Bell.

What happened? What was said?

Here now are the Top Ten Things Overheard at the Black Sabbath Press Conference in Montreal.

10. What?

9. What did Ozzy say?

8. I can’t understand what Ozzy is saying …

7. Huh?

6. It’s not me right? It’s him right?

5. Pardon me … did he say what I thought he said?

4. How do you spell slurring?

3. Oh … I get it! Um … no I don’t.

2. Translator! Can we get a translator in here please …

and the number one thing overheard at The Black Sabbath Press Conference in Montreal?

1. Scoop? Your kidding right?

Watch Press Conference Here!


Photo Courtesy Richard Burnett

Photo Courtesy Richard Burnett


Blackie and The Rodeo Kings; A Surprise!

Tom Wilson and his buddies in Blackie and The Rodeo Kings – loved Willie P. Bennett. So much – they bought the company. Sorta …

The band’s name derives from a Bennett song and their first album contained all Bennett covers. Each album ( eight including the new disc South), contains one Willie tune.

Safe to say – the band is on the right track.



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