Rick Keene Music Scene Presents; Ask Dave the Bartender

We have all been there …

thSitting at a bar, spilling our troubles or asking advice from the guy who pours our poison. It’s an age old ritual.

Sometimes – people ask questions and I do not have the answer. What better person to demand help than – Dave the Bartender.

Please listen as this former Montreal-er (exiled to Toronto), delivers the answers to questions which need to be answered.

Ladies and Gentlemen … this is a Dave I know …











The Beatles and All That Jazz!

What’s coming this week on Rick Keene Music Scene …



Tom Harris

Tom Harris


Nick Angelo ( The Four Frenchmen)

Nick Angelo ( The Four Frenchmen)


Hayden Rabinovitch

Hayden Rabinovitch




Megan Bonnell – One Chance for a First Impression …

Ontario-born Megan Bonnell speaks of her debut album with love. ‘Hunt and Chase’ was her introduction to having her songs produced with precision.

Please listen as she talks about that process as well as songwriting and a trip –  ‘down the rabbit hole ‘ ?

Megan …?


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Replay The Beatles

Replay The Beatles






Leeward Fate - No Ordinary Kind iTunes cover copy

What’s Happening on Rick Keene Music Scene

A preview, a review – call it what you want, it is what it is …


Please listen to some Blues, some Jazz and a track from an artist who I will be interviewing next.

Thanks for listening – talk soon …




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Bob Ricci – Music; For The Right Reasons …

Crooner and pianist Bob Ricci – did not start out that way …

Accordions were not very cool after all.

Please listens as Bob explains his insight into music, life and ultimately what it all means.



Bob is at The House of Jazz in Laval Tonight!





Owner of House of Jazz George Durst

Owner of House of Jazz
George Durst




Rockabilly Ain’t Dead – Neither are The Hellbound Hepcats


Johnny Cash, Elvis, Wanda Jackson, The Stray Cats and …

The HellBound Hepcats!

Five  musical acts, hellbent on keeping the true roots of Rock n Roll alive.

Please listen as Alexander Brown discusses his band’s recent activity and what are the plans for the future …


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Mark Baxter; Living the Dream …

Mark Baxter is not a household name.


Except where it counts the most.  At his household.

Please listen below as Mark talks about some sad things, some happy things, his music, his music friends and … hockey?



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Montreal Radio Legend Marc ‘Mais Oui’ Denis Remembers The Beatles!

Once upon a time – Montreal radio was the place to be …

Heck, once upon a time, music was the place to be. Especially in the early sixties when The Beatles took the world by the scruff of the neck and made radio fun again.


Please listen as Marc gives some anecdotes  on the eve of the 50th anniversary of The Beatles playing in Montreal.



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Marcus Cahill ‘Imagines’ The Beatles …

There is a huge difference between being someone and paying homage to someone.

Marcus Cahill – a resident of Australia, knows the feeling well.



Marcus has been doing his John Lennon Tribute; Imagine – The Tribute, for one hundred years. For him, playing at the Cavern Club more times than The Beatles themselves – makes a few years seem very long indeed.

Please listen as Marcus pays ‘homage’ to The Beatles. A group he knows inside out musically …

John? I mean … Marcus?


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MBD9 Final



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All You Need is Police Protection! Fifty Years Since The Beatles Played in Montreal; Part Two

How time flies …


The Beatles took the world by storm. Creating a sensation which – to this day; remains unmatched. What was it about these four lads from Liverpool? Their hair? Their suits? Their silly English accents combined with even sillier humor?

All of the above for sure yet without an amazing ability to create timeless tunes, sing-a-long melodies and poignant love tales; the imagery meant nothing. Face it – even cute puppies grow up!


Please listen as John Oriettas and I discuss The Beatles as well as John’s upcoming performance on Sunday September 7th at Oscar Peterson Hall. An occasion for his group; REPLAY – to mark the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ only two shows in Montreal. An occasion to mark history …

John? Paul? Geoge? Ringo?


MBD9 Final


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All You Need is Police Protection! Fifty Years Since The Beatles Played in Montreal

Fifty years ago today … Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play

Ok – not really but close.



The Fab Four passed through Montreal on Sept.8th, 1964.

It was supposed to be a day longer but Ringo received death threats so the group cut short their stay in Montreal.

Who says the world is more violent today?

Please have a listen as John Oriettas, aka Paul McCartney in the band REPLAY, talks about the Beatles and his band’s headlining show on Sept.7th to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles in Montreal.

Paul …er… John?


MBD9 Final


Stay tuned for Part Two

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Tom Petty Concert Review; Rock n’ Roll is Alive and Well …

Tom Petty is the real deal …

In an age where ageing Rock stars more often than not mail in performances, Petty with his band of Heartbreakers – as refreshing as a sea breeze on a hot and humid day.


The sixty-three year old Petty, on tour with his latest album Hypnotic Eye – took the stage at 9pm with a statement which set the stage ( so to speak) for an evening void of pretentiousness.

” We are going to give you a Rock ‘ Roll show …” Claimed Tom. ” It may be long. Better call the babysitter …”

Starting with a cover of the Byrds’ tune; So You Want to Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star – Petty and his mates were powerful. A garage band with all amplifiers cranked to the max. A garage band one phone call away from a late night police visit. A garage band with smoke emerging through the cracks.

Petty himself, a throwback to the seventies. In speak, in appearance and most importantly – in attitude. Think of ‘The Dude’ in the film The Big Lebowski. Now – think of ‘The Dude’ with a guitar in his hands and a  Dylan-esque voice. The sum of all parts becomes Tom Petty. A Rock singer who appears ‘surprised’ and ‘at ease’  in front of a large crowd. A songwriter who may be the ‘last guitar man standing’.

Petty__isn__t_it_As Petty swash-buckled his way through ‘ Mary Janes Last Dance’, American Dream Plan B’ ( from his recent album Hypnotic Eye) and the foot tapping (stomping) cover of Big Joe Williams’ ‘Baby Please Don’t Go'; thoughts of Springsteen, Dylan and Neil Young circled the Bell Center in Montreal. Tom Petty a combination of all three yet so unique and legendary. A survivor from the 1970’s with a smoke-filled bong intact. 

‘Into the Great Wide Open’ book-ended ‘Mary Jane’ with a sneer of nostalgia while ‘Forgotten Man’ (off Hypnotic Eye) reeked of a Bo Diddley nostalgic rhythm. Refreshing since ‘American Dream Plan B’ was dull and ineffective and signaled the demise of Petty’s recent songwriting ability. ‘Forgotten Man’ allowed a sigh of relief into the room as did ‘You Get Me High” ( the latest single)  later on. Petty’s songwriting intact.

‘I Won’t Back Down’ was the evening’s anthem. A biographical statement on the part of Petty and more so as the years pass by. A finger to authority if there ever was one; the audience ‘au Centre Bell’ agreed. On their feet, singing, waving and embracing it as their own personal scripture. The former ‘Wilbury’, perhaps sensing a ‘capturing’ of the crowd; traveled once more into his vast catalog. The opening chords of ‘Free Fallin’ sealed the deal and pushed everyone who may have been ‘on the fence’ – into the waiting arms of Tom, The Heartbreakers and ‘Mary Jane’.

The beauty of Petty’s songwriting is just that. Songwriting.071708petty425

Much like the Stones, Dylan and The Beatles – Petty’s compositions are all about the songs. No drum solos, lengthy guitar ego-boosters and not a lot of banter. A man, his buddies and some tunes gather, sing and maybe loot and pillage. The only thing raped? Society and it’s hideous mask of rules and regulations.

A Woman in Love (It’s Not Me),’You Get Me High‘, ‘Rebels‘ and ‘Yer So Bad‘ – settled everyone in the seriousness and respect Petty has earned. For those only aware of ‘the hits’, a foursome complete with the gamete of balladry and rockers. Four songs which led into the homestretch. A home-run trot led by anthem number two …

‘Learning to Fly’ is the type of song identifiable by all ages. Everyone has endured, is enduring or yearns to endure the coming -of-age rite. The time where parents and / or their rules are shredded for independence. Petty sings the song with an underlying melancholy. A subterranean message of hope sets the audience’s heart adroit with nods of approval amid primal instincts. 

Shadow people, will sing their heads
In the corner next to you
When the light is red

‘Shadow People”s words rang true. At the beginning, in the middle and near the end of the show. Everyone – singing their heads into submission. A ‘choir’ leading into ‘I Should Have Known It’, ‘Refugee’ and  the show stopper; ‘Runnin’ Down A Dream’. The latter? As perfect as a Rock song could be. A Menacing riff with a hard pounding drum beat, complimented by Petty’s uncanny vocal ability. A ‘gift’ to sound urgent and mellow at the same time and place. A feature saved for few.


Even the most jaded forty-and-up partisans at The Bell Center overcame their fear of the demise of Rock n Roll last night. 

The exclusion of mega-hits ‘ Don’t Come Around Here No More’, ‘Breakdown’, ‘Here Comes My Girl’ and ‘Don’t Do Me Like That’ ( among many others) did not dampen ‘the spirits’ of young and old alike. Petty and The Heartbreakers continued the ‘lesson’ in Rock n Roll with ‘ You Wreck Me’ and a perfect cover of Paul Revere and the Raiders’ (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone. A duo fit for the evening’s finale.

American Girl was and is – the quintessential rock song. Complete with a theme on the mind of every boy (man?) on the planet. A rough guitar complimented by Petty’s non-threatening vocal style. Petty’s coup? Maybe or maybe not. Does it really matter …?


Stay tuned for Part two of my interview with Grand Fatilla!


Friday night at The Dome in Kirkland! 3000 rue Emond

Friday night at The Dome in Kirkland! 3000 rue Emond

MBD9 Final

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The Global Sound of Global Shuffle – Grand Fatilla Album Launch; Part One and Two

Boston -based world Jazz ensemble Grand Fatilla have been entertaining audiences for six years.  It’s about time for an album.

Due to popular demand – the foursome recorded their album ‘Global Shuffle’. A disc containing all styles with the utmost respect given to the original genre.

Please listen to Mike, Roberto and Fabio discuss the new album and what they are all about …




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Stay tuned for part two …


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Robert Stefan; To Afghanistan with Love …

Ste. Anne de Bellevue resident Robert Stefan is no stranger to success …



Having five top ten French singles on the charts from his debut album to working with former April Wine guitarist Gary Moffet – Robert has seen a lot.

Nothing  prepared him for a rendez-vous with a soldier.



Please listen below as Robert talks of many things including working with the Moffet brothers.



Visit Robert Here!


Come and join Robert  for a fun night of music this Friday (29th Aug) evening-Show starts 7pm at the Golf Dome West Island-3000 Rue Edmond
Kirkland, Quebec, Canada
H9H 5J5-Reception: 514-695-4587






What’s Coming on Rick Keene Music Scene …

Wuz up? What’s happening? What’s going on?

A good question – especially if you are a music lover …



I have some interviews coming with two new artists and the singer of a great new Jazz outfit out of Massachusetts. All in all – something for everyone.

Thanks for listening, have a great week and remember – keep your headphones on unless you are driving or walking across a busy road.

Talk soon …






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The Slacks; Montreal’s Oldest / Newest Rock Band

Once upon a time …

Men like Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley were dominating the musical landscape. They were the ‘kings’ of Rock n Roll.


Teenagers were screaming, crying and tossing various items of clothes toward stages filled with energy. Parents were appalled. Priests tossed their hands into the air to combat the ‘devil music’ which possessed so many teenagers.

Fast forward a couple of decades …


The Stone Doctors raised $9,000 last night at Chez Maurice in Ste Lazare for the Vaudreuil-Soulanges Palliative Care Unit.

Way to go Boys!


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House of Jazz - Opening in Laval Sept. 6th

House of Jazz – Opening in Laval Sept. 6th


Moist – New Album and Tour!

Universal Music Canada recently announced the signing of multi-platinum rockers, Moistto its roster of Canadian talent and confirm the release of their new album, Glory Under Dangerous Skies,on October 7th, to be followed by a national tour commencing November 7th.

Mechanical, the first single, has been a top-five rock radio hit all summer, and their follow-up track, Black Roses is set for release in September.

 Moist’s triumphant return kicked off last Fall with a series of exclusive sold-out shows and continues with the forthcoming release of their long-awaited new album, which was recorded in Toronto this past winter and produced by Moist guitarist and Juno-nominated producer, Mark Makoway.

 “The new album and the shows we’ve played this summer have reminded us all of how much fun it is writing music and performing together” says lead vocalist David Usher. “It feels very natural doing this with the band again and everything has just fallen into place. We’re really excited about the new music and the amazing reception we’ve had.”

 Since the release of Moist’s multi-platinum debu album, Silver (1994), the band has chalked up a long list of impressive accolades that includes, the three-time platinum sophomorerelease, Creature (1996) and the double-platinum Mercedes Five & Dime (1999).

The band has been nominated for ten Juno awards, winning Best New Group in1995 and Best Video for Gasoline in 1997.Moist has sold 1.3 million albums worldwide.


Saturday, November 15th – 8 p.m. at Metropolis

with special guest to be announced


Tickets: $41.50 (taxes & service charge included) at Metropolis (59 Ste-Catherine East),

at 1-855-790-1245, and atticketmaster.ca

(Additional charges apply for telephone & internet)


50 VIP Fan Experience packages per show will include exclusive tour merchandise, a copy of their new album, access to their sound check and a photo opportunity with the band.

These packages will go on sale this Thursday (Aug. 21) exclusively atmoistonline.com.

Gary Moffet – Former April Wine Guitarist … The Future is Bright!

Gary Moffet Joins April Wine!

In 1971, Gary was developing a band for AQUARIUS RECORDS called ALLISON GROSS.
He  had been working with the band as their producer for about a year and a half. Working  on their arrangements with them in their rehearsal space and  using his portable recording rig to cut the band track. Then he would work on the vocals with the singer and finally do a rough mix. In 18 months – the band  had assembled over 25 songs in demo form.
The group was about to sign with Aquarius and cut their first record, when APRIL WINE suddenly needed a new member to replace original member Jim Henman. They quickly snapped up the lead singer from ALLISON GROSS, who was also the main writer and bassist of the group. His name was JIM CLENCH.
Without Jim in the band, ALLISON GROSS was rejected by Aquarius and subsequently broke up.

Jim Clench

Eighteen months after JIM CLENCH joined AW, with a strong vote from both JIM and AQUARIUS,  Gary was brought in  along with legendary drummer JERRY MERCER, as one of the new members.

After AW broke up in 1984,  Gary  returned to full time producing, which he did until his  retirement in the year 2000.

The Present and The Future


Bianca and Gary were introduced by their  mutual friend ROB HEANEY. He thought they would go well together.

ROB is the CO-PRODUCER and ENGINEER for the project

Visit Rob Here!


10632739_10152780924666874_3058557863778490500_n“The  idea was to create MINIMALIST arrangements behind Bianca’s voice …” Says Moffet; ” One acoustic guitar, drums and bass.
Our intention in doing that was to be able to play all our songs as a DUO, TRIO or QUARTET line up and also leave the door wide open, with lots of space, for a musical guest.”
On the album, all the songs except for one have a guest on the track.
The name ALTO CANTINA reflects the  concept of a virtual PLACE, a small cantina, where musicians can go to create with others.
Two examples of these musicians guests would be JIM ZELLER and NANCY MARTINEZ
The great JIM ZELLER appears on a BOB DYLAN track using Dylan’s original zellerinstrumentation (acoustic. harmonica, bass, drums and voice) but with an radically up dated arrangement.
This is a virtuoso piece for JIM on the HARMONICA and he guests on vocal as well.
Gary and Rob are still beaming from the guest shot put in by NANCY MARTINEZ on the song CRYING IN THE RAIN
This is a full VOCAL duet featuring Bianca and Nancy. Our new arrangement reflects how the song might have sounded if the writer CAROLE KING had recorded her own version.
The final touches of Alto Cantina are being created …. Visit Gary for all the updated information …

Gary Moffet Guitars



Thanks for Listening !


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Katrina Leskanich; ‘Ridin’ the Wave’

Katrina Leskanich has a new album out …

Most music lovers – specifically 1980’s music lovers, remember her as Katrina of  Katrina and the Waves. It’s a shame. This talented singer and songwriter deserves better than selective memory.




On the eve of a North American tour, a jaunt which begins in New York City – Katrina speaks of her new album Blisland as well as her love for music. There is also a Canadian connection with her big hit from the 1980’s.

Walkin’ on … something …




Please Visit Katrina Here!


Join me and Sean Mckeogh Thursday at 6:15pm on k103.7fm

We welcome former April Wine guitarist Gary Moffet into the studio for a live performance and some chat …


TheStoneDoctors_11x17_Final copy