Lookout Taylor Swift – Bella is Coming!

Most people at the age of fifteen – haven’t a clue what they want to do when they ‘grow up’.  Most people with the exception of Bella Galasso …

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In a very short time ( with a little help from some friends ), Bella is quickly making a name for herself in the Montreal music scene. Writing songs appears effortless and she is far removed from her ‘prime’.

Taylor Swiftare you listening?


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The Lazys; Top Ten Best Ways to Trash a Hotel Room

The Lazys came and went …

Don’t worry, as Arnold Schwarzenegger will attest; ‘They’ll be back ..”

lazyscd copy


Straight from ‘Down Under’ – the boys are and will be a force to be reckoned with. Starting with ubiquitous energy and ending with no holds barred Rock n Roll – nothing should stop the guys from taking the music world by storm.

Nothing except … the police?

Leon, why would the police be looking for you and the band?


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Please note – Rick Keene Music Scene nor k103.7fm condone the wrecking of hotel rooms. The list was done with satirical humor based on the antics of bands like The Stones and The Who in the 1970’s.



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The Cranes, The Lazys and The Trews; Throwback Rock n Roll!

On Saturday night in Montreal, one of the first cold nights this side of  Summer, three bands demonstrated with purpose - Rock n Roll is alive and well …

The Cranes

The Cranes


The Lazys and The Cranes

The Lazys and The Cranes



The Trews


Please listen to a sample of what you may have missed





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The Stone Doctors; Got Live If You Want to Raise Money for WIAIH

Over the years, the Rolling Stones’ cover band; ‘The Stone Doctors’ – have raised over 160,000 for various charities in Canada and the United Sates.

That’s a lot of good happening …

Please listen to Liam Chapman, Francine Boyer and Tim Thomas give three viewpoints of all three parties involved for this  Saturday night’s latest fundraising effort.

Please attend and help the good folks at WIAIH obtain ‘Satisfaction’ …

Liam?  Francine? Tim?

Take it away …


Please Visit WIAIH Here!


Tune in to k103.7fm Thursday at 6:15pm – I have two tickets to give away to see The Trews Saturday night …

Mo Kenney; Socan Songwriter of the Year Talks about New Album and Tour

Mo Kenney is a powerful solo artist …

Imagine what she sounds like with a band? 



Please listen as Mo talks about all things related to her new album; ‘In My Dreams’ – her tour and her band …


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Ask Dave the Bartender; Episode Five

He’s the guy who drowns your sorrows …



The man who can answer almost any genre of question related to music.

Can you stump Dave the  Bartender? 

Send your questions to rickkeene2@gmail.com and find out if you can!





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Is Classic Rock Killing The Trews in Quebec?

The band from Nova Scotia done good …

Opening up for Aerosmith, The Stones, Kiss and Gun n Roses – not a bad thing to put on your resume.  You would think, airplay on Rock stations would come easy after such monumental shows in a ten year span.

Think again …

Listen why the band has trouble in certain markets and how one decision can change everything …

John – Angus MacDonald – the guitar player explains …



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George Bowser; Not ‘Blue’ at All …

George Bowser is one half of a team …

Problem is, Rick Blue is one half of a team. Maybe George and Rick should hook up? They could have a catchy name like Bowser and Blue …

Ya that’s the ticket! Bowser and Blue …!

George this is Rick. Rick  meet George …








Wanda Jackson – From Elvis to Jack White

Wanda Jackson dated Elvis Presley. Not bad eh?

Following forays into Rockabilly, Rock n Roll, Country and Gospel music – Mrs. Jackson is still going strong into her sixth decade. Her latest endeavor? Working with Jack White and Justin Townes Earle.

Please listen as Wanda explains her experiences.

All part of music history …










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What’s Coming on Rick Keene Music Scene …

Next week ….

Grab the kids, wake the neighbors and get the phone ready!

Lots of concerts coming, lots of musicians to speak to and – lots of great tunes!

Be here or be squ …hey that don’t rhyme!

Talk soon !












Rick Keene Speaks to Eric Burdon …

As Barney from the hit show ‘How I met Your Mother’ once said;

Legend … wait for it … ary!


Eric Burdon possesses one  of the true voices  in not only Rock n Roll – yet music history as well. A man who believed in himself, his convictions and passed those messages on through unmatched live and studio appearances.

Ranked 57 on Rolling Stone magazine’s Top 100 Vocalists of all time – Burdon is a survivor. A student of the Rhythm and Blues which, until the British Invasion – lay dormant in the very country which gave birth to it.


Commencing with his band The Animals, Eric passed ‘The Black Music’  through songs such as ‘The House of The Rising Sun’, ‘Sky Pilot’, ‘Monterey‘ and ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’ . He then edged into a more funkier sound with War starting in 1969 and into the early seventies.

‘Spill the Wine’, ‘Tobacco Road‘ and ‘You Can’t Take Away our Music‘ were direct results of a ‘Vietnam -led’ changing of the innocent times. Burdon remained cutting age in lyrics, vocal style and conviction.


Please listen as Eric Burdon covers a range of topics in a fascinating conversaton …

Mr. Burdon … ?


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Ask Dave the Bartender … Episode Four

The man who knows everything. The man who serves everything. The man known simply as …

Dave the Bartender!



Remember – Dont Drink and Drive!







Kiran Ahluwalia; Blending Jazz, Blues and Traditional Indian Music

Winning two Juno Awards in such a short time is nothing to sneeze at …

Kiran Ahluwalia is not resting on her laurels however. Forever incorporating new sounds – please listen as Kiran talks about her new album, her sounds and what’s happening in the near future …



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Warren Cromartie – The Universal Dream

Former Montreal Expos player Warren ‘Cro’ Cromartie – not unlike Martin Luther King Jr; has a dream …

1982-topps-695-warren-cromartie copy


To bring baseball back to the city that gave him an opportunity to earn a living playing the game he loves.

Music is his second passion.


Visit The Montreal Baseball Project Here!

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Amanda Balsys; Walking Through the Wilderness with Alex Lifeson?

The Wilderness of Manitoba seems an odd title for a band of musicians. Then again – in this day and age, everything appears weirder than fiction …


Artwork is inspirational after all.

Say what?

Please listen as Amanda Balsys, the relative newcomer in the band – speaks of all things related to the forest … er …wilderness …



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Ask Dave the Bartender …

Sometimes music knowledge escapes even the most ardent fan …

Unless of course – drinking and not driving are involved. Then, answers are downed quicker than a shot of Whiskey at closing time.



Please listen as Dave the Bartender attempts to answer unsolved musical riddles. He’s funny, he’s smart … he’s …

Dave the Bartender?



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Oct. 6th at The Bell Center!


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Jann Arden; Friday Night Lights!

They clapped, they cheered and they stood. In between – Jann Arden actually sang a few songs …


Arden, on the heels of her latest album; ‘Everything Almost’ – took the stage at The Olympia in Montreal on a warm September evening. Warm outside and warm in people’s hearts.

Such was the vibration felt around the venue from the mostly over-forty female audience. Put it this way, not a lot of Zeppelin fans fist pumping on Ste. Catherine street. Why would there be …?

Arden is not that type of singer although she dressed like a Joan Jett wannabe to start. Leather was in fashion yet – as she stated in one of the evening’s many monologues; ” You knew what you were getting …”

Well Joan Jett  was not it …

Simplicity and quality tunes is what the audience got.  Oh – and humor. Was humor mentioned?

That’s what those in attendance received in  a very cold ( temperature – wise) Olympia Theater.  No ‘avant garden’ for Arden and her touring entourage. No biting heads off bats. Save for a few ‘Elvis – esque’ lighted images of Arden behind the band and smoke (which made Salt Peter on fire seem weak in comparison),  basically a no frills  show visually …

Musically – especially for an Arden fan; filled with frills.

Commencing with ‘Counting Mercies’ from the new album and heading back through the past ‘ not-so-darkly’ and ‘darkly’ – Jann Arden proved her voice was still atop the heap of female songstresses in Canada. Following fifty -two years of good times and bad , Arden ‘s catalog an open book on a now gilded sleeve …

‘Wishing That’ brought tears in the most simplest way. ‘Insensitive’ – creative ( necessarily?) due to the number of times the ‘ flagpole’ song has been performed over the years. ‘Live and in person’  – the tune seemed unimpressive as some songs do compared to the polished studio version.  Insensitive appeared ‘insensitive’, rushed and void of soul. High expectations may have played a part in the letdown …

 ‘Hard to Be Alive’ was a Celtic high point with backing singer and front -woman in her own right – Allison Cornell, displaying more talent in a fiddle than most musicians display talent. Cornell – according to Arden; one of the most talented people on the planet complete with a horse farm. Then again, according to Arden, every member on stage were the most talented people on the planet. What else can she say? These guys suck ..?

One of those people - Keith Scott, known mainly as Bryan Adams’ guitar player – set the tone around the midway mark with a ‘very planned”  Summer of 69‘ riff which laid a path for a sing-a-long.  Dangerous territory since those three minutes displayed Arden’s only weakness. Not being diverse enough to write Rock / Pop tunes. The energy surrounding Adams’ tune higher than any musical moment in Arden’s own arsenal.

Therein lies the beauty of Jann Arden. Keenly aware of her inability to pump the crowd with her tunes  – Arden relies on her own sense of humor (plus covers) and utilizes every moment vacant to display those wares. Whether waiting for a patron to go (and come back) from the washroom and / or inviting a drunken punter on stage for a ‘selfie’ moment – Arden mocks herself, the audience, her band members and everything in between.

These are the high energy moments  of the show normally saved for rockin’ songs that groups such as  Rush, The Guess Who and (insert Canadian band here) use in their concerts. All ballads for Jann (mostly) equals humor equals relative success. Easy …

Arden should place more time and effort into continuing her progressive career  on a variety of songs and genres. If the humor is removed  ( approx. thirty complete minutes), then Arden’s show in grave danger of  a sleep-fest unless the audience members are holding hands, in love and / or afraid of Rock n Roll.

If part of the latter group – Jann Arden’s concert is the best (and funniest) show this side of Laugh-In.

Most of Jann’s fans will remember that show.

Younger ones don’t care  and won’t show up …


You’re So Vain – Carly Simon Cover

Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams Cover


Hard to Be Alive

You Were Never Broken

You Love Me Back ( encore)

Happy ( Allison Cornell)

Everything Almost

Comedy Segments


Listen to my interview here …




The Beatles Had a Baby and They Named It Hayden Rabinovitch

Seldom does the word prodigy mean so much …

In the old days – the word had verity. A truthful component. Shock value.

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Now – thanks to endless ‘make-producers-rich-forget-about-the-kids ‘ talent shows, the definition of prodigy or … child prodigy, is skewed.

Not the case with Hayden Rabinovitch. Just a kid with talent who hopes to make it as a musician. If not – he can always fix guitars …

Right Hayden?


Visit Hayden Right Here!





Judas Priest at The Bell Center Oct.6th


Tune in 6:15pm to k103.7fm on Thursday – I have two tickets to give away!

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Serena Pryne; Cranking Up the Mandeville (s) !

It’s all about ‘old school’ Rock n Roll …


According to The Mandevilles’ singer; Serena Pryne – that is what she would like her band to be known as …

Fresh on the heels of the album; Windows and Stones – Serena discusses that disc, her influences and where she would love to travel to sing.



Visit The Mandevilles Right here!





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