Katrina Leskanich; ‘Ridin’ the Wave’

Katrina Leskanich has a new album out …

Most music lovers – specifically 1980’s music lovers, remember her as Katrina of  Katrina and the Waves. It’s a shame. This talented singer and songwriter deserves better than selective memory.




On the eve of a North American tour, a jaunt which begins in New York City – Katrina speaks of her new album Blisland as well as her love for music. There is also a Canadian connection with her big hit from the 1980’s.

Walkin’ on … something …




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Join me and Sean Mckeogh Thursday at 6:15pm on k103.7fm

We welcome former April Wine guitarist Gary Moffet into the studio for a live performance and some chat …


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This Week on Rick Keene Music Scene …

Just like a household with nineteen children …

There is a lot going on Rick Keene Music Scene.

Kick off your shoes, disconnect the telephone wire and discover a whole bunch of stuff including a couple of new songs and some words from Jerry Mercer of April Wine fame.

Join Sean Mckeogh and myself live on k103.7fm this Thursday @ 6:15pm

We welcome Gary Moffet – formerly of April Wine as he is joined by a special guest to play some tracks off his latest album.

Thanks for listening … talk soon!

play4keeps copy

 Play 4 Keeps will be at Annies this Friday @ 8Pm!

The Stone Doctors ( Rolling Stones Tribute) are at Chez Maurice Saturday Night

All Proceeds go to Palliative Care – Vaudreuil-Soulanges.

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The Damn Truth are at Cafe Campus Thursday Night

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Maurice Raymond; Montreal’s Mick Jagger – Complete Three Part Interview

Michael Phillip Jagger has been fronting The Rolling Stones for fifty years. Fifty … and counting …

Maurice Raymond has been fronting a Rolling Stones’ cover band for thirty-four years. Thirty-four … and counting …





Please listen as Maurice speaks of his legacy as one ( if not the best ) of the Mick Jaggers of the world.

It did not start out that way …







The Blushing Brides Are Here!





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Leeward Fate - No Ordinary Kind press pic HQ






This week - my interview with Don Felder

This week – my interview with Don Felder




The Mother Jones Band – Live!

The Mother Jones Band fly under the radar …

For the group, a rag tag bunch cut from the cloth of  B.B. King, Muddy Waters and Junior Wells, ‘under the radar’ may be fitting. After all – the old Blues guys didn’t exactly look for fame. They played from the heart and they played for the right reasons.

The Mother Jones Band is the same.

Led by the Father and Son tandem of Derek and Tommy Falls ( lead, rhythm guitar and vocals respectively) the five piece unit – as tight as blanket on a cold winter’s eve.

Manu Pele, the African bass player who studies music ‘ just for fun’, rivals the greats such as Victor Wooten and Daryl Jones. Pele witnessed Jones ( the bassist for the Stones) as he commenced his career with the late, great Miles Davis. Jones ( according to Manu) is greater in his Jazz element and one of Pele’s mentors.

The band is completed by Joey the Saxman (Alto, Baritone and Tenor Saxophone) and Danick Tardif on  drums. Two members who do not complicate. A pair whose professional skills enhance the pureness of the Blues.

Combined with Tommy’s smooth guitar rhythms, Derek’s piercing leads and Kravitz-like vocals, The Mother Jones Band is unique.

In an old school type of way …


The Mother Jones Band can be seen on Friday at

The Brass Door
2171 Crescent
514 808 9596

The Mother Jones Band is available for any type of event.

Joey the Saxman is available solo or as part of a duo or trio for weddings and corporate events.

Please contact Rickkeene2@gmail.com for more information. On Booking.

Sydney Delong; Up, Up and Away …

For Oakville, Ontario native Sydney Delong – it’s not a very ‘delong’ trip to Toronto.

That is where the singer / songwriter is headed to live so she has more opportunities to grow. As a singer,  songwriter and as a person.

Please listen as Sydney discusses her plans …

Miss Delong?


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jill barber copy


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Scarlett Jane

Scarlett Jane



boo2 copy


Need a Painkiller to Kill the Blues? Call Tommy Castro …

Tommy Castro was born in San Jose, California. Perfect for a music fan because he was a hop, skip and jump away from the San Francisco Bay area.

A melting pot for not just the Blues, every other genre possible.

Tommy Castro


Please listen as Tommy explains his past, his love for music and his new album with The Painkillers. A Bluesy outfit complete with a couple of very special guests …



Stay tuned for Part Two !


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Come together – Robin Williams & Bobby McFerrin: http://youtu.be/P_7xoC6k7PA

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What’s Coming on Rick Keene Music Scene ?

It’s a new week …

That means a couple of more interviews and some more songs. Wake the hamsters and call the sheep!

Please listen to what is coming up this week on …

Rick Keene Music Scene



Check out archives and hear many more interviews – including Buddy Guy, Mitch Ryder, Lee Rocker and so much more!

The Best of Last Week Right Here!


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Don Felder; You Can Check Out Anytime You Like – You Can Never Leave. Three Part Interview.

Don Felder just finished a tour with Styx and Foreigner.


don2For the former member of The Eagles – that means a small pause then right back on the road doing what he loves. Playing guitar.

It has been a long and winding road for Felder, beginning with playing in a band with Stephen Stills and ending up many years later as the co-writer of one of the most famous songs in Rock history.

Please listen to my interview with this legendary performer. An insight into the present, the past and the future.






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Play 4 Keeps; Playing for Keeps – Funk Wise!

Play 4 Keeps are a Montreal-based band who are deep in a funk. That is a good thing …

Much has been said (too much), of the music from past generations being better than today.  Now – with a band such as Play 4 Keeps, it is nice to see a new (er) generation being influenced by  a new (er) generation.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are a huge influence on bassist Dimitri Lappos, guitarist Phil Boucher and drummer Chris Butz. The young teaching the young.

Please listen as Chris and Dimitri talk about their influences, the albums and ‘monkies in their bedsheets’ …

Say what?


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Aug. 15th at Annies! 5pm

Come and Have a blast!


This week - my interview with Don Felder

This week – my interview with Don Felder

There is No Taboo with Bad Taboo; Carolyn Fe Blues Collective Delivers Another Great Album!

Two and a half albums into a career does not a career make. For Carolyn Fe and her ‘Collective’ – the journey has begun along the grand pathway known as The Blues.



Please listen below as Carolyn discusses the new album, the Blues and in particular Big Mama Thornton. A great chat with one of Montreal’s great Blues’ singers …




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This week - my interview with Don Felder

This week – my interview with Don Felder of Eagles’ Fame !

Rick Keene Music Scene; What’s Going On?

Music never sleeps …



Aside from the big name events taking place such as Osheaga, the Montreal International Jazz Festival and Tremblant Blues Festival – there are concerts, cd launches and Festivals taking place everywhere …

Such as …


 CD Launches


August 25 – Willows (By Geneviève Toupin) – release date (Roads)
August 26 – Willows – Launch Glass Bottle
September 9 – Megan Bonnell – Out album (Hunt and Chase)
September 12 – The Block Party MRCY
September 30 – Elizabeth Shepherd – album release (The Signal)
September 30 – MO Kenney – release date (In My Dreams)

Merrickville Jazz Festival

Oct. 17th – 20th


Some new tracks and more info on what is happening on Rick Keene Music Scene this week …





Leeward Fate - No Ordinary Kind press pic HQ








Later this week …
My interview with Don Felder of The Eagles. Co -writer of Hotel California

Jill Barber; Up Close …

Jill Barber is hard to pin down …

Is she Jazz? Pop? A little of both?


Judge for yourself with some songs off her latest album; Fool’s Gold. A melting pot with a sound purposely copied via The Dap Kings – Amy Winehouse’s backing group.

It is no surprise Jill sounds a little like Winehouse.

Please listen as Jill discusses the above topics moments before her performance at The Montreal International Jazz Festival.



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hj copy







Leeward Fate; No Ordinary Band …

Fate has it …

Or – ‘Leeward Fate’ has it, sometimes things happen for a reason. Such is the case for a trio of musicians who are now based in North Carolina. A menage-a-musicians who, fate has it – met in Leeward. The math is there yet math and grids are far removed from the way their latest album was recorded. Digital bah – humbug for the boys …

Leeward Fate - No Ordinary Kind press pic HQ

‘No Ordinary Kind’ is the group’s third album and – as is the case many times; the third time is a charm.

Listen to the band’s drummer – Tom Miller, speak of all things Leeward and if fate is not cruel; Leeward Fate will soon be a household name.



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Sean McKeogh and I discuss my travels!




Guitar Player Alert! Jeff is ‘Gunn’ – ing for You!

Oshawa native Jeff Gunn is on a mission …

A while ago – he learned there was more to guitar playing than meets the eye …er … ears …

His goal?

To instruct players on how to take their skills and take them to the next level. Not only that …



Visit Jeff Here!


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Martin Goyette

Martin Goyette









Hilary Jane; The Right Thing at ‘The Right Time’

Montrealer Hilary Jane has been singing in and around Montreal her entire life. Practically …

Now, following a series of events, life-altering events – she has decided to write and record her first full length album. It is a throwback to a different time and Hilary somehow makes it fresh again …

Please listen to this woman’s story and get ready to have your feet tapping!

Hilary …?






Please visit Hilary right here!

Support local talent!







Coming soon … my interview with Jill Barber!


Jill Barber

Jill Barber



Martin Goyette; ‘Sweet Warm Jelly’

Martin Goyette has a voice. An inner message which channels the Blues’ legends of the past.

Too much? Too corny?

Martin Goyette

Martin Goyette

Have a listen and decide with your ears …


Martin is singing on Aug.9th at Festiblues


Check out all the info on Martin right here!


styx trailer


James Young - Styx

James Young – Styx


Lawrence Gowan

Lawrence Gowan

Norman Marshall Villeneuve – July 16th

On July 16th – head on to the St. James Church on rue Ste. Catherine in downtown Montreal. Noon is the witching hour …

Norman is starting what he hopes will be a new trend. Accumulating Jazz artists to play and raise money for the poor in Montreal.

Check it out – won’t ya?


On Vacation! Be back soon …




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Michelle Sweeney; Down-to-Earth Diva?

How many people do you know that worked with George  Clooney, Mary J. Blige, Celine Dion and Oliver Jones?

Not to mention – Dr. Trevor Payne and The Montreal Jubilation Choir.

Michelle Sweeney has all the ingredients of being a Diva. Nothing can be further from the truth given the negative condemnations normally associated with the  term.

Please listen as Michelle speaks about singing and her upcoming show at The House of Jazz on the 12th of July …









Montreal International Jazz Festival 2014- Recap Part Three

It goes without saying, this is one of the finest festivals I’ve ever played! Thank you Montreal for building an institution.”
Ben Harper on Instagram.


At least one Harper showed. Stephen Harper – our resident Prime Minister did not appear at The Jazz festival nor was his pride evident in Canada’s and the world’s biggest festival. Well – at least God appeared happy.

The tunes rising into heaven from the Earth below, enough to allow the Lord to hold back on the rain. The heavens did not open up (save for a pair of twenty minute segments) and dampen the spirits of the music fans. It was ten days of sun, sun and soleil.



Aretha – Sounding Off


Roger Walls – a horn player who has worked with everyone from Garou to Tony Bennett, witnessed a comical event. Especially given the nature of Aretha Franklin’s much – maligned performance.

” I was at sound-check …” Explained Roger. ” Right in the middle of a song, Aretha berated the sound man. Insisting she could do his job better than him. Threatening to come down and do it herself. Expletives included … “

Roger continues.

” After witnessing this first hand – a fellow horn player turns to me and says; I’d hate to be married to her!”


Considering the negative reviews of the show – sound or no sound, nothing would have saved Aretha. Maybe it is time to pack it in following a long and respectful career …


Same could be said for B.B King?


Citing not taking his medicine, King’s performance less-than-flattering.

This is not the first time for King. He had to cancel a couple of performances recently mid -way through concerts for the same reason. In St.Louis, last March – he was booed mercilessly for not hardly playing and not playing well when he did.  King deserves respect as the Grandfather of the Blues – yet, so does the paying public.

Fans must at this point, realize a B.B King concert is to see a legend live. Want some great King music? Buy a cd.

As per English (British – not West Island) music journalist Sebastien Scotney; the show of the festival was Keith Jarrett. Sebastien is the editor of London Jazz and this was his first visit to Montreal. Read his review here in The Telegraph. Great guy!


Burning Spear / Sly and Robbie Review



They say ninety percent of drum tracks laid down in Jamaica were done by Sly Dunbar.

For years, under the tutelage of men like Marley, Tosh and Cliff – Dunbar along with fellow sideman Robbie Shakespeare; were and remain – the battery of Jamaica.

Ya man …




Dunbar is a machine. Head down without hardly a break or peek at his surroundings; Sly kept the groove going, da riddims. Precision-like maneuvers. Robbie – the Bill Wyman of Reggae (longevity, quality, rhythm ), served the bass lines with power normally reserved for a rhythm guitarist.

Reggae is like that …

Delivering signature songs such as ‘Swing Easy’, ‘Real Rock’, ‘Darker Shade of Black’ and ‘ Taxi Rhythm’ – the legendary pair along with their backing band – The Taxi Gang; explained reggae to those almost sure what Reggae is. After all – Pizza is not Italian and many eat and bake it as such … As in many genres, the real stuff gets watered down over the years. Sly and Robbie are the real deal.


Burning Spear, the sixty-nine year old living, breathing – living legend; entered stage right. He was as pleased to be in Montreal as Montrealers and out of towners were to witness him.

Playing a catalog of six decades long is no easy task. What to pick and what to play? For a non -Reggae fan, it would appear easy as Reggae music (non roots) sounds similar ( except for a few Marley tunes). Well – bite your collective Rasta tongues.

Spear’s 1976 hit; ‘Pick Up the Pieces’ – sent Metropolis into a frenzy. Proof that at least half the attendees were indeed Reggae fans while the other half soon became ones. The rhythmic ‘riddems’ of the song in dark contrast to Marley’s slow burning hits. Spear, on the Congas – off the Congas; a master with the microphone and very able to sing like a Rasta – Mick Jagger. One year Mick’s junior …

What’s with these old guys anyways? Shuffleboard anyone?


Ginger Baker Jazz Confusion


What’s with these old guys anyways? Shuffleboard anyone?

Ginger Baker – ex of Cream, appeared at the Jazz Festival; ex of Cream. His foursome included James Brown’s ex-bandleader Pee Wee Ellis on Saxophone, Alec Dankworth on Bass and Abbas Doodoo on Congas and various other percussion -related instruments.


As an outsider looking in to a seventy-four year old drummer with a Jazz related background – it was easy to categorize Doodoo as a mask for Baker’s miscues. Far from the truth and simply not the case.

Ginger may not be as ‘ginger’ as he once was ( wheezing between songs), yet his drumming remains impeccable. His sense of humor as jazzy as the Jazz itself portrayed and carried out on stage with the utmost perfection.

Baker laid out a dozen ( Bakers’ Dozen – get it?) supreme jokes at his own expense. The running gag –  people in his entourage laying bets in which city he will ‘expire’ in on this tour. To which Baker countered; ‘I think Pee Wee will beat me to it! ( Ellis no slim or young chicken at that).

The music? Songs such as ‘Well You Needn’t’, Wayne Shorter’s cover – ‘Footprints’ and the original ‘Ginger Spice’ – as effervescent as Sunshine in your Life. ’12+ More Blues’ was mesmerizing as was the always present ‘Aiko Biaye’. Baker and Doodoo providing crashing rhythms and almost morphing into a sole unit on several occasions.





The show was Jazz, Ellis providing haunting (at times) solos and Dankworth instilling the truth and keeping it tight within the scope of the songs. Dankworth was not there to stand out. Nor was Ellis. Their jobs – simply to keep things fresh. Keep things tight. Keep things interesting for a non-drumming fan.

The concert was all about Baker’s drumming. A contest almost.

Competing with and complementing Doodoo. It was a drummer’s take on Jazz much the way Rich, Krupa and Baker’s contemporary Charlie Watts see the songs in a Jazz kaleidoscope.

The difference?  Baker hits much harder …



bnl copy


Up Next …

Barenaked Ladies and Jill Barber Reviews.


Jill Barber

Jill Barber

Some photos courtesy of fijm.

Montreal International Jazz Festival 2014 – Recap Part Two.

It is the people of Montreal that make the Jazz Festival so good.

‘If you build it – they will come …’

Musicians from Zaire to Atlanta, each and every one of them, during the Jazz Festival or in the cold winter months, exude the same sentiment.

“Montreal has the best crowds …”

Maybe it is the winters which make us appreciate everything. Perhaps it is the lack of a Stanley Cup for twenty years. Does poutine have a magic elixir built in? Whatever it is – the people in Montreal love music.



The Quotes


“My two sons are playing with us on stage tonight – I think I am more terrified than they are …” Ed Robertson – The Barenaked Ladies

” Instead of saying they are amazing, people should say – I really enjoyed that band. I strongly suggest them. That way – you are not forcing your opinion on someone and letting them decide for themselves.” Susie Arioli

“You guys ( journalists) are very important for us. It is also very important to be true what you write. There is no point saying a show is good when it is not. How else can we decide who to bring to Montreal for the Jazz Festival?” Andre Menard – co-Founder of The Jazz Festival

” I had a Red Bull once. I thought I was going to die. I will never touch that stuff again!” Brian Ritchie – Violent Femmes


The Pics


Andre Menard

Andre Menard


Susie Arioli

Susie Arioli


Ed Robertson - Baenaked Ladies

Ed Robertson – Barenaked Ladies


Brian Ritchie

Brian Ritchie


The Shows


Gogh Van Go


Seventeen years is a very long time.

Think of it. In that time span – a person learns to crawl, walk, run and drive. A lot of growing up takes place, not to mention growing pains.

That is exactly what the band Gogh Van Go must be going through following their show at the Jazz Festival. Club Soda was not even close to half capacity yet one thing must be made clear – it was not the fault of Gogh Van Go.

Sorta …

2505301Aside from their success in the 90’s and the fans which remember them from the 90’s – there were approx. 90 people to see them in only their second gig in 17 years.

Following a monumental return in December 2013, it appeared the time was right for Van Go. Um … not yet.

Sandra Luciantonio still has an incredible voice. Thrilling those in attendance with the power of a younger woman. In songs such as ‘ The Bed Where We Lie’ and ‘Sugar’ – Sandra’s passion for her craft shines through.

Her partner on and off stage – Dan Tierney, shares the passion and his love is demonstrated in the band’s (arguably) biggest hit; ‘Say You Will’. The duo’s original backing band, Yves Desrosiers (guitar), Jean Masicotte ( Keyboards), John Souranis (bass) and JohnMcColgan (drums) – all performed as a tight knit unit. They performed with familiarity.

Here lies the problem.

A band and songwriting team from the 90’s, sings and plays their instruments like they were in the 1990’s. As stated earlier, through no fault of their own and based on pure absenteeism, a gap existed at Club Soda. A gap which can be repaired the more Gogh Van Go propels itself into 2014.


The talent is there, the songwriting is there ( two new songs – ‘Sugar’ and ‘ Mama Needs a New Dress), the back-line of  today’s alt-Pop is not there. All the songs performed would be awe inspiring moments if they were intertwined with a catalog which lay witness to a band evolving over they years. A ‘ look-back-at-the-beginning’ kinda thing. Preferably in black and white with Kennedy’s assassination headlines looming in the background.

This type of nostalgia plays well. The nostalgia which Gogh Van Go is performing does not. They are not old, they are not acting like people trying to make a buck. By all appearances and sounds – Gogh Van Go is a working viable group who have lost their way. A producer who is current would do wonders with Sandra and Daniel.

In other words –  the ‘Tunnel of Trees’ cannot be seen for the forensic remains of the dated forest. Somehow – Gogh Van Go will figure it out. Somehow – Club Soda will fill out.

‘Too good To’ not to …


Elvis Costello


Mr. Costello …

Mr. Diana Krall.

Mr. Everything  …

Elvis_Costello © dALIX-FIJM-001


Elvis was in town on his current solo tour. A tour which left those in attendance guessing. Elvis not even allowing a reporter the luxury of knowing any songs which he was to play at the Jazz Festival during the press conference.

It was a forgone conclusion that at least “Alison’ would be played. Which it was. ‘Veronica” perhaps? It was …

Elvis over the years has become a parody in many ways. A parody of his punk years with The Attractions, a reasonable facsimile with tunes such as ‘Everyday I Write the Book’ and his incarnation into the world of Burt Bacharach. Costello is a chameleon who appears to evolve and work at top speed.

His concert as part of The Jazz Festival appeared rushed. The songs were played well yet it was difficult to not rid oneself of the feeling Mr. Costello had better places to be ( by Diana Krall’s side – for one).

Elvis_Costello © dALIX-FIJM-004

Thank the music Gods Elvis has an acute sense of humor. A British sense of humor. Mocking himself numerous times – none more poignant than introducing one of his hits;  ‘Everyday I Write the Book’.

” Because I like you …” Said Costello. ” I will play this song for you. I hate it. I wrote it it ten minutes and sadly – it became a hit. Now – I must play it all the time …”

That tune was rushed through. Others such as ‘Either Side of the Same Town’ and ‘ Watching the Detectives’ (both Elvis and the Attractions songs) – moderately so. As if Costello has turned the corner on the past. Nice but …what’s next?

Elvis did shine through on the covers he chose …

Nat King Cole’s ‘Walkin’ my Baby Back Home'; sung wistfully and soulfully by Costello. Singing and strumming his one man band into a place dear to him. The same could be said for his rendition of Robert Wyatt’s ‘Shipbuilding’. A nerve hit deep inside Costello. Moments when the show ‘slowed’ to a musical pace.

Elvis - 'Home'

Elvis – ‘Home’

Costello is a storyteller. His tales and observations heightened during tunes such as ‘ Ascension Day’, ‘Ghost Train’ and ‘The Last Year of my Youth.’ No matter the rhythm of an Elvis Tune – there is something melancholy about Costello. Telling tales of his Grandfather’s excursion into America – side-splitting yet with a hint of sadness for another time. A pure reconnaissance of music from all genres.

The show displayed Elvis’ courage, depth and genius. His social conscience on display on ‘ Jimmie Standing in the Rain /  Brother Can You Spare a Dime?’ His guitar playing on display all night.  ‘ Come the Meantime ( a collaboration with The Roots), a display of keeping with the times.

Costello’s show was not perfect. A much more enjoyable experience would have had Costello with a backing band. Then again – with Elvis; who really knows?

A genius keeps them guessing …




Up Next … Burning Spear/ Sly and Robbie and Ginger Baker




Woodkid Press Conference

Woodkid Press Conference